office work station

South River Studio
Woodworking Design Gallery:
Furniture, Woodturning,
Liturgical Furnishings

- Dennis DiVito -

Balancing Nature's Beauty
and Human Ideals in Wood

Storage and Office Furniture

office front of receptionists desk
Reception Area Suite

Front of Receptionist's Desk

office receptionist's desk
Back of Receptionist's desk

the two lower drawers
are file drawers

office work station
Computer / Typewriter Desk

This completes the reception area suite.
The computer tower is behind the right door

office kitchen
Office Kitchen

Sink Wall

office kitchen cabinets and countertop
Opposite Wall

office kitchen shelves
Storage Shelves

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Dennis DiVito woodworker, furniture design, woodturner, Virginia
Dennis DiVito
South River Studio
Fairfield, VA