custom made doors - Universal Hall, Findhorn Foundation, Scotkand, UK

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- Dennis DiVito -

Balancing Nature's Beauty
and Human Ideals in Wood

Interior & Exterior Doors

pine front doors, Universal Hall, Findhorn Foundation, Scotland, UK

Main Entrance Doors

Universal Hall
Findhorn Foundation
Scotland, UK

ponderosa pine

The stained glass panels
and carvings were designed by
Mayme Kratz and Otto B. Rigan

pine interior door with mountain scene panel

interior door, mountain scene panel detail

Panel detail:
Channels were carved to define
the image then the areas were
stained with a variety of colors.

Interior Closet Door
stained pine
The landscape is the view from the client's house.

dumbwaiter door with mountain scene panel

Interior Door
hides a dumbwaiter
to lift firewood
from the basement

stained pine

The image on the panel
was created in the same
way as the door above

Furniture Design, Mission style coffee table, Woodwork, Fairfield, VA

Front Doors and Frame
painted poplar

Ivy St Buena Vista church doors

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Dennis DiVito
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