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- Dennis DiVito -

Balancing Nature's Beauty
and Human Ideals in Wood

Media Centers

maple media center and dining room display cabinets

maple media center interior

Dining Room Media Center
with Display and
Storage Cabinets

glass shelves and linen drawers


media center with display shelves and storage

painted media center interior

Family Room Media Center
and Bookcase

Painted birch and poplar

audio cabinet in the style of a pie safe
interior of audio cabinet in the style of a pie safe

Pie Safe Audio Cabinet
26 in wide x 50 in tall

Cherry and copper door panels

I designed and punched the pineapple motif into the copper.

cherry tv cabinet

cherry tv cabinet interior

Television Cabinet
36 in wide x 42 in high


pine media center with glass display shelves

pine media center interior with glass display shelves
Family Room Media Center


The right drawer front swings down revealing
the place to store a VCR or DVD player

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Dennis DiVito
South River Studio
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