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How a wood salad bowl is made
The following images illustrate the steps in creating a wooden salad bowl

Woodturned Salad Bowl - South River Studio

The outer surface of a maple block is given its initial shape. The piece is then reversed and removal of the wood inside is begun.

attaching rim to woodturned Salad Bowl - South River Studio - woodturning

Here the cherry rim is glued and clamped to the sanded maple body. The rim is made up of 8 segments cut on both ends at an angle of 22.5 which form a circle when joined.

maple Salad Bowl with walnut rim - South River Studio - woodturning

Final shaping of the cherry rim is completed and a food safe finish is burnished into the bowl. I prefer to use walnut oil. It does not go rancid, dries hard to a soft satin finish.

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Dennis DiVito woodworker, furniture design, woodturner, Virginia
Dennis DiVito
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